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Looking for a way to green up your home without harming the environment? Look no further than artificial grass. It does not require fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. This reduces the number of hazardous chemicals and pollutants that end up in the environment’s water, soil, and vegetation.

Synthetic turf also does not require the use of lawn mowing equipment. This, in turn, reduces dependency on fossil fuels, lowering your carbon footprint in the long run. Beautiful looking and great for the Environment!


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Our Products Offer a Wide Array of Advantages

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf offers numerous benefits over natural grass, making it an increasingly popular choice for various applications. Firstly, its low maintenance requirements stand out, as it eliminates the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing, resulting in substantial water conservation and reduced environmental impact.

Artificial turf provides a consistent playing surface year-round, avoiding weather-related disruptions and ensuring athletes can perform at their best. Its durability and resilience also make it highly cost-effective, as it withstands heavy use without developing patches or bare spots. Furthermore, artificial turf can be installed in areas with challenging climates or soil conditions where natural grass struggles to thrive, making it a versatile solution for landscaping projects and recreational facilities.


We Offer a Wide Array of Artificial Turf Products


DuraCool Turf

DuraCool (dark)
1.18 tall
show special $ 1.09 a sq
DuraCool (light)
show special. $ 1.09 a sq


Artificial Ivy - Maui

each panel 40"x40"
comes 3 panels per box
(33sq) $249



Artificial Ivy

each panel 20"x20"
comes 12 panels per box
(32sq) $149


Artificial Ivy - Boxwood

each panel 20"x20"
comes 12 panels per box (32sq) $149